About us

Founded in 2006, the commercial & residential window & door sector was initially the target market for Peinture Industrielle DJ. The company quickly stood out for its fast, personalized and superior service by offering powder painting, baked-on liquid paint (high-durability polyester enamel) and liquid paint (polyurethane).

In 2013, the company acquired its first factory, which was quickly enlarged to double its size to better meet the needs of its partners

In 2020, the acquisition of new equipment, top quality products and above all partners of choice leads Industrial DJ Paint to make the decision to build a new factory. This new plant will have an area of ​​56,000 sq. Ft. To better serve you.

Our expertise

Peinture Industrielle DJ is a benchmark in the field of painting high-end architectural coatings. We are certified applicators to provide you with the highest industry standards such as the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) standard.

We work closely with our partners to offer them quality products. Our team works with you in the realization of your future projects by advising you on the best products and providing you with samples as needed. We are aware that the speed with which we will respond to your requests is the key to a future project.

Peinture Industrielle DJ offers an unlimited choice of colors in all types of architectural paint finishes.

Mission, Vision

& Valors

Mission :

Peinture Industrielle DJ's mission is to offer fast, personalized and superior quality service. We offer a single counter, that is to say the possibility of having all the products painted in the same place.

Vision :

Become and remain THE REFERENCE in the province of Quebec, for industrial painting work.

Stand out and be the best :

  • At the level of customer service;
  • On the level of continuous improvement;
  • In terms of our ease of adaptation to new products;
  • At the level of our efficient management and the versatility of the staff in the production process.

Valors :

  • The respect :
    • Towards our customers;
    • Members who make up our team;
    • Company and working environment;
  • The concern for a job well done;
  • The pride of being an integral part of a professional and dedicated team;
  • The ability to adapt to change.

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