Our architectural powders

DJ Industrial Paint offers an unlimited choice of colors in all types of architectural paint finishes.

Painting in brief 

The raw materials used in powder coatings are found in solid phase at the start of the process. Polymer and others ingredients such as pigments, fillers, crosslinking agents etc. are weighed accurately and then mixed to obtain a homogeneous premix.

The premix is ​​then transformed into an extruded product under the shape of a sheet about 1 mm thick which is then divided in chips. The chips are then crushed to obtain a particle size distribution according to the application process. For eliminate oversized swarf having passed through the crusher and ensure a final grain size, sieving will be the last operation before storing the paint.

What are the advantages of powder painting?

  • Uniformity of finish

  • Easy-to-use application installation 

  • Wide range of colors

  • Gloss, semi-gloss, satin or matt finish 

  • Operational efficiency

  • Less expensive than a multilayer system

  • Metallic, smooth, textured, veined aspects

What is the painting process applied at our factory?

The pretreatment is the 1st step that the substrate undergoes. It gives the substrate anticorrosion protection, adhesion and durability of any paint film subsequently applied. The concentrations are tested twice a day by our laboratory for quality assurance.

We use a surface treatment; nano ceramic with zirconium. The choice to use this chromium-free nanotechnology is a greener choice, very high quality and with less ecological impact. These products are approved and certified by our manufacturers. All of our pretreatment products are free of solvent, water-based and free from regulated heavy metals. It does not require bath heating, higher treatment rate, no compound organic.

The substrate is then dried, painted, baked and submitted to our quality control team. Inspection of color, gloss, mil thickness and several other specifications of performance are checked at this stage.


Industrial Paint DJ offers a variety of architectural powder coatings including Fluropolymer resin-based coatings that meet AAMA 2605 specification, Super Durable Polyester coatings, which meet AAMA 2604 specification and coatings Polyester, which meet AAMA 2603 specification.

Fluropolymer based powder

Fluropolymer resins are top of the line for weather resistance, resistance to chemicals, acids, bases, superior abrasion resistance and superior stability colors and luster. Fluropolymer powder coatings are specially designed for architecture market and provide a durable, long-lasting finish. Resin systems in Fluropolymer powder meet the requirements of AAMA 2605 high performance specification.

Super Durable polyester powder and polyester powder

The polyester-based resins can be thermoplastic or thermosetting materials. The The most common thermosetting resins are polyester resins, vinyl ester resin, epoxy and urethane. Beyond ease of manufacture, thermosetting resins offer good value value for money, often producing superior products at low raw material cost.

Super Durable Polyester resin based coatings offer excellent value for money for exterior and interior cladding solutions. Super polyester resin coatings Durable offer abrasion and weather resistance, a flawless finish and stability of colors according to AAMA 2604 standards. AAMA standards are tested proven in Florida in much more extreme conditions compared to our climates in Quebec. So it's a choice of high quality and durability for your architectural projects.

Polyester powder

Polyester resin based coatings provide an excellent durable coating solution also designed for exterior and interior. Polyester resin-based coatings meet AAMA 2603 standards. Depending on your types of projects and color, we will guide you to the best choice available to you.

Powder Warranties

Polyester powder

Super Durable Polyester powder

Ultra Durable Polyester powder

High performance fluoropolymer powder

We are certified applicators for offers you of Akzo Nobel and Sherwin Williams (Valspar) products. Experienced partnerships that can offer you products of the highest range in the architectural industry. Below, you will find a table explaining the warranty by type of product for each manufacturer.

The guarantees are made up of 2 main categories, namely the product guarantee and the decorative guarantee. Below is a brief description of the criteria covered by a warranty.

Flouring : Occurs when a metal surface is exposed to UV rays, the resin begins to decompose and degrade. The painted surface then takes on a whitish and chalky appearance.

Gloss Stability : The ability of surfaces to reflect directed light and this is a very important characteristic of the durability of the coating.

Film integrity : Adhesion is the qualitative property of a coating to be free from blemishes, chipping, cracking or inconsistency.

Discoloration : Action of intense exposure to UV rays, extreme temperature, humidity and pollution particles which gradually alters the pigments over time. Discoloration is calculated in Hunter Delta E (ΔE) units for a specific time period.

Certified applicator

As a certified applicator, we are subject to periodic and random checks by our manufacturers to ensure that our systems meet industry architectural standards. To obtain manufacturer warranties, coatings must be applied to a virgin, architectural grade aluminum surface. Alloys accepted include AA6060, AA6063, AA5005, AA5053 or an appropriate equivalent. It is important to have alloys of architectural quality.

Any warranty extension request must be made at the time of the quote or purchase order. The length of the warranty may vary depending on the paint manufacturer, the type of paint, the color chosen, the location and the type of materials used in the project.


What is the American Architectural Manufacturer's Association standard​ (AAMA)? 

AAMA is considered the leader in standards for architectural aluminum finishes. It creates performance requirement specifications for coating manufacturers and describes test procedures. The specifications indicate the level of performance to which the coating must meet.

There are 3 specifications to know  :

  • - AAMA 2603
  • - AAMA 2604
  • - AAMA 2605

Each level of AAMA specification requires chemical, mechanical and weathering tests that are performed on the coatings to judge their effect on film integrity and appearance. 

All testing is done in Florida. Florida's climate allows sidings to be exposed to UV rays, moisture, and salty air on a constant basis. Once exposed to these conditions, aesthetic properties such as color and gloss are measured.

Considering that these tests are carried out in Florida, the climate, the UV rays, the salt air being in no way comparable with North America, we make sure to offer you products of a very high quality that will withstand easily to the climate of our regions.

Recommended maintenance

Architectural powder coatings are designed to retain their color and gloss level for many years. In order to maintain the properties of the coating and the guarantee, a cleaning of the surfaces must be carried out according to the conditions of the maintenance manual of the manufacturers.

Cleaning of stains

Grease or marks

Stronger cleaning products such as alcohol based products, mineral spirits, or 5% diluted bleach can be applied selectively. It is recommended to do a test on a small area before. Rinse the coating surface with water and dry it with a soft cloth.

Never use solvents, cleansers containing ketones.

Tips and tricks
During our deliveries...

Protective plastic wrap

Plastic wrap is used to protect painted surfaces during transport. They should not be left for a long period of time before installation. For glue or silicone residues, we recommend using "Le Dégommeur".

In the event of minor damage

If there is minor damage to the painted surface before or after installation such as a slight scratch or scuff mark, touch up bottles or aerosol cans may be provided. Please note, this is only for minor touch-ups, use on large areas may reduce or even void the warranty on a project.

Never use steel wool or abrasive brushes.

Spray paint application method

We do not recommend the use of an aerosol can however, if no option is possible you must use a " Scoth Brite " paper to sand the scratch and clean the surface to be touched up with a mild soap to remove dirt. sanding. Then apply the spray paint to the dry surface.

Touch-up bottle application method

The touch-up bottle can be used to cover small flaws. Only applied to a clean painted surface.

Sustainable Development

We are aware that the environment is at the heart of your concerns. We are proud to have partners who share this same vision. They work to make their product as sustainable as possible by moving towards eco-responsible and fair solutions for the future.

We are continually working to reduce or eliminate waste during our production process. We encourage our employees to propose new working methods to achieve eco-efficient practices. Our facilities are fully compliant with current environmental standards. Our employees benefit from high performance equipment for their well-being and safety.

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